Bilger's Rocks is a 300 million year old rock formation with on-site trails, camping area, pavilion, outdoor stage, playground and concession stand. The whole family will enjoy the time you spend here.

Upon entering the many acres of massive rocks, one often feels an eerie sense of being transported through time and space to another era and a different place. You meet with what appears to be a hidden world of mazes, paths and caves leading in all directions, beckoning and inviting you to stay and explore. You find yourself captured and pulled forward by the possibilities and mystery of this unique setting.

Shielded in this fantastic vivid landscape by walls of huge megalithic stones, extraordinary hanging vegetation and bizarrely shaped byways, one's imagination is drawn to an exciting adventure of discovery. Things of all stripes, colors and contrast can be found throughout the formation. Light, shade and temperature, take on new meanings as you move through this unusual, ancient geological environment.

Most folk's experiences are defined by their own personal expressions of wonder, surprise and engagement in a visit to Bilger's Rocks. Oftentimes, it's a primitive and spiritual feeling of awe, reflected by being in, and part of, such a timeless and ageless vista of our earth and its formation over the age.