The Ultimate Elk Experience

Our herd in Clearfield County is estimated to be roughly around 300. You may spot the elk herd if
you are traveling along SR 879 toward the Quehanna Wild Area and/or the Elk Visitor Center in
Benezette. SR 879 is directly off interstate I-80 Exit 120. If you want to refrain from all the congestion
and hustle and bustle in Benezette, and if you just want to see the elk in the wild, then just stay in
Clearfield County. You can pick one of our elk viewing guides up at our office here in Clearfield to
help you with your elk viewing search. The most popular viewing spots for these elk are Knobs Rd.
in Goshen, Woolridge Rd. in Keewaydin and at the top of Tipple Rd. in Karthaus. There is a herd of
140 plus that inhabit area fields. These herds are unique to the herds that live in the neighboring
town of Benezette because they are not as domesticated.
These majestic, magnificent animals will migrate up to 50 mile per day in search of food. They
have been seen in areas such as Grampian, Mt. Joy, Shiloh, Egypt, and as far as southern
Clearfield County. So, while visiting, you just may see an elk when you are least expecting them.
Elk are different and fabulous in every season.  During summer, marvel at the bull antlers
wrapped in velvet. Throughout the summer these antlers are growing up to an inch a day.  You may
also get a sneak peek at a new calf.  During the autumn months when they are in rut, do stop and
listen as the bull elk bugles to attract the cows to join them. This sound is distinctive and eerie
especially in a thicket in the mist shrouded dawn of a new day. Once you see and hear this
magnificent animal, you will long to come back in search of it.